A Statement to the public opinion

A Statement to the public opinion

The news and information received that a US decision was issued to withdraw full of its troops rapidly from Syria which comes in conditions of unsafe, unstable and the threats of Turkey will open the door to a new crisis that seek to achieve old ambitions in the Syrian territory.

We in the Syria Democratic Council warn of the danger of taking such a step within this atmosphere that would complicate the Syrian crisis further and open the door to more bloody conflicts and wars. It will give the opportunity to the ISIS to regain its strength and spread it that will threat international peace and security. We are emphasizing that our military forces, the “Syrian Democratic Forces”, are a key partner of the international coalition against ISIS. We stress that any anticipated withdrawal by US troops should not adversely affect the mission of the partners in the international coalition to accomplish and achieve the aim in eliminating ISIS and terrorism, ensuring the necessary protection for the people of the region , acheiving security, stability and a comprehensive and credible political solution, and that this withdrawal does not leave any vacuum, chaos or external intervention that leads the region to disaster and more tragedies.

We in the Syria Democratic Council as a Syrian national political party have always sought for peaceful national solutions. We assure to our people to defend their rights and properties. Our military forces continue to defend the security and stability of the region from any internal or external threat , depending on the struggles of our daughters ,sons and on thr right of legitimate defense for peoples of the region. We believe in the unity of Syrian territory as an option that we have adopted it from the very beginning. We in the Syria Democratic Council will work with all our efforts to move politically, diplomatically and at all levels to achieve security and stability, and to find a peaceful political solution that achieves for the Syrians their desired aspirations.

The Syria Democratic Council

 December 20/2018