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A Statement Issued by the Sheikhs of the Euphrates Clans

The people of the region are well aware that Turkey, by its current regime, is a threat to the whole region. It is the country that is most supportive of extremist groups and terrorists. It has opened its borders to the entry of terrorism into Syria and even greatly supported it. Then it intervened undisguisedly in Syria and occupied Syrian territory From Jarablis to Idlib passing by Albab, Azaz and Afrin which resisted the occupation for 58 days, and the units of protection of people and women were the highest forms of resistance.
The Turkish interventions in the Syrian affair led to the elimination of the aspirations of the Syrians for freedom and democracy and led Syria to a dark gorge. Turkey is now trying to divide Syria and create its affiliates that are loyal to it under the Salafist and Jihadist groups that had the biggest role in destroying the country.
We, the sheikhs of the Syrian tribes in the Euphrates region , condemn these blatant Turkish interference in the Syrian national affairs. We affirm that the Turkish expansion in the region and its support of extremist groups will lead to the growing role of these groups in the world. These entities will constitute a threat to humanity and ISIS will come back to the forefront and may be in another face worn by Turkey.
The peoples of the world must realize that there is a great threat to their security if the Syrian north is occupied by Turkey and the extremists and terrorists will return to their European countries to destabilize them.
Therefore, the international community should not stand idly in front of these Turkish threats and must intervene urgently to prevent any aggression that might affect the region and press on Turkey to end its occupation of Syria and exit from it and leave it to the Syrians.
Our children have sacrificed their blood to liberate this land from terrorist ISIS and to eradicate it .Thus , they were the martyrs of all humanity and martyred to defend all the peoples of the world.
Today, these peoples should not remain silent in the face of Turkish threats. A cry from them will relieve their conscience and press on their governments to put an end to what is happening.
It is time for people to stand together and stand against dictatorship regimes who are trying to sow chaos and invest terrorism in their favor.
We also appeal to our brothers from the Syrian tribes in Turkey and the northern Aleppo countryside not to be fuel for the fire that Turkey wants to burn the region by. We are brothers and cousins, ​​calling you to rationality and cooperation with us to put out this fire that will destroy everything completely in the region if not put an end to it.
Today we invite you to come back to protect our land together and to work to end the conflict that kills the blood of the beloved sons of Syria.
It is enough that we have lived through years of killing, displacement and destruction of our homes and properties. Let us be together in good and bad and to restore security to our country.
We call upon all patriotic Syrians to stand united against the ambitions of the new Ottoman Empire and move to regain all our lands, foremost Afrin. We call upon the international community and the United Nations to put up with their responsibilities, which require taking practical and quick positions towards the danger facing the region and the consequences that will not be good if the Turkish president is to attack. The whole region will enter a stage of war and chaos that will be spread to all countries or entities .Terrorist organizations are the only party that will benefit from this war.

Long live Syria for all Syrians
Hand in hand to defeat the terrorism of ISIS and to end the Turkish occupation in Syria.

The sheikhs of the Euphrates clans