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A Letter of Thanks

Afrin region and its people suffer from war atrocities by Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.The Turkish state and its agents are continuing to commit the most horrible violations and inhuman practices against people of Afrin like: killing, forced displacement, theft and changing the landmarks of region and its demography, as well as, Turkishnizing the area, kidnapping, extortion and disfiguring historical facts. As a result, thousands of Afrin people displaced to al- Shahba area in search of safety which they lost under Turkish occupation.
The children of Afrin, who were forcibly departed from their homes to al-Shahba, also had their word through a giant painting as the size of their pains and hopes, through which they embodied their dream of living a decent life in their city which lives inside each one of them and like the rest of the children of the world, they dream of returning to it away from occupation and crimes against them and their families.
 We owe to the fingers of these children who painted their olive branches, their innocence and embodied them in a 500 meter long painting to be one of the greatest messages of freedom in the world and the most believable one against the policies of the occupation. We also thank all those who helped the children of Afrin to accomplish their painting which they called “Fingerprints of Pain”, artists, teachers, intellectuals, Romaf Agency, the Kurdish Red Crescent Organization, the Free Women Union in al-Shahba, Afrin Administration and al-Shahba Administration. We also emphasize the importance of the message of peace carried by the people of Afrin, their right to a safe return to their homes and olives, ending all forms of occupation and compensating those affected by it.
The Syrian Democratic Council
September 3, 2019