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Statement to Public Opinion

The 13th round of Astana negotiations concluded to renew the ceasefire agreement in Idleb, and that the guarantors should be committed to this resolution. In return, it was agreed to ignite the war on the North and East of Syria (NES). The final statement of Astana 13 considered the project of NES as separatist and threatens the national security of the neighboring countries of Syria.

The Syria’s Democratic Council (SDC), while welcoming any resolution that would end the war and spare civilians the scourge of war, believes that such international initiatives have failed to take full account of the Syrian situation and do not take into consideration Syria’s interests as a single geographical area. NES has become a safe haven for Syrians, and it is considered the most stable areas despite the great wars fought by the people of NES against terrorism and the achievement of military victories on ISIS. The Turkish regime, which is trying to use Astana to serve its agenda, insists on committing massacres and ethnic cleansing against the peoples of the region. A country that threatens the security of the region on a daily basis does not have the right to charge with terrorism the forces that defeated ISIS and have millions of supporters.

The SDC deplores the disregard of some international parties for such facts. The Turkish regime has never expressed its concern about the presence of the terrorist organizations, ISIS and Nusra Front, on its border; while mobilizing all its strength to fight our project and its democratic vision for the future of Syria, which aims at building a pluralistic, democratic and unitary Syria. Syria’s Democratic Forces (SDF) are the defense forces of the Syrian people, which protects and preserves the cultural and national diversity of Syria. Turkey attempts to deceive the public opinion, and involve various actors in its crimes against humanity.
5 August 2019
Syria’s Democratic Council