The Syrian Democratic Council

The Women’s Office: Strenuous Efforts to Organize and Empower Women in all Aspects

Through its various activities, the Women’s Office of the Syrian Democratic Council works to end all forms of violence and discrimination against Syrian women and to strengthen women’s organizational structures, as well as empowering them in decision-making positions and activating their role in all political, social and economic aspects.
Syrian women did not enjoy their rights, whether social or political, and they suffered as a result of authoritarian mentality over past decades. They were marginalized and their simple rights Chad been digested. Under the rule of terrorist groups, their sufferings were increased and they were prevented from exercising their right to life. Rather, they were sold as a commodity in the markets.
The burden was great on Women’s Office and its various organizations, in light of accumulations left by previous years, but through its many activities; it was able to raise the level of women and rehabilitate them in service of women’s cause and rights.
Recently, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, women in N-E Syria and from various components of the region showed that Syria is rich in its diversity and would be more beautiful if women had the opportunity to participate in decision-making and participating in political life.
In a forum held by Syrian Women Council / women’s coalition that brings together many activities of Syrian women / on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the participating women expressed their admiration for the experience of their peers in N- E Syria and the opportunity for women to participate in political life and fortify their right to decision-making through joint presidential system in all political and civil institutions and formations.
In turn, the Women’s Office held various events, mass gatherings, women’s seminars and lectures in various regions on the occasion of International Women’s Day, throughout current week, highlighting the reality of women and ways to improve their conditions to be able to play their leadership role in society.
In this regard, the President of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, EIham Ahmad, said that the involvement of Syrian women in the political aspect was not the first experience they had. However, through their great experience in Self-Administration , they have achieved a remarkable leap that they became at the forefront of the political scene and all other aspects.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
March 10, 2020