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on Saturday 13/13/2019 The Aleppo office of the Syria Democratic Council participated in the political seminar organized by the Women Organization Office of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in the city of Aleppo in Sheikh Maqsoud suburb under the slogan “resistance of the era is continued and we are going to triumph with the will of free women”.The seminar was attended by all institutions, civil councils, political parties and independent political figures.It concentrated on two axes
The first axis: international policy and the direction of all crises in the world and the region, especially Syria and double international standards in dealing with all crises, especially the role of women in politics at the global level
The second axis: the leading role of women since the beginning of the Syrian crisis and how they played on the political, military and social levels
The members of the Syria Democratic Council, Fahima Hamo, Zaynab Qanbar, and Mayassa Tagi, talked about the affairs and situations witnessed in the Syrian arena in general, isolated from regional and international developments, especially by the authoritarian forces. And that the solution of the Kurdish issue in Syria should be within the framework of the Syrian general solution, as well as resolving all other issues in Syria.This solution concerns all components on one hand, as well as stability in the region and reducing interventions in Syria, which now suffers more than ever. MSD members also talked about crises in the Middle East, the transformation in the mentality of the peoples, its reflection on the reality of the authoritarian regime, and the incursion of capitalist modernity in the Middle East through authoritarian mentality
The seminar concluded by reading the final statement which pointed out that women should be the basis of the solution in all crises, especially in the conflicts that the region faces with terrorism

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