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On Tuesday 16/4/2019, a delegation from the Democratic Union Party paid a visit to the headquarter of the Syria Democratic Council in Aleppo
The delegation included members of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party from Al-Jazeera province Manal and Abdelkarim Saroukhan, in addition to the administrator in the party, Nisreen , the administrator of the Women Organization Office Narjis Baker and the administrator Issa Mustafa. They were received by the two members of the Presidential Council Fahima Hamo and Marae Al-Shibli, in addition to members of the Council
Bdran Hamo,The administrator of the Relations Office talked about the latest political developments and the current situation in Syria. Saroukhan : “said after nine years of the Syrian crisis, no one of the parties could offer a draft solution for the Syrian people except for the Syria Democratic Council which sees that the Self-Administration project offered by it is the best solution for a new Syria as agreed on by the various parties in the Syrian-Syrian dialogues held in Ein Issa (1 + 2) and Kobani

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council