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A delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council on Tuesday (1/1/2019) presented condolences to the family of the martyr, the co- president of the Legislative Council of Deir al-Zour civil council, Marwan al-Fiteh in the city of Qamishli.

The condolences were shared by the co- President of the Syrian Democratic Council Amina Omar, the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee, Nujin Yousef, the Head of the Office of Relations, Jihad Omar, the Presidential Council members Sihanouk Dibu and Walid Jolie. Also, members from the women and organization offices from the centers of the Council and its branches in “Al-Qamishli , Al-darbasiyya and Al-Qahtaniyah /Terbassbiye .
During the mourning ceremony, the co- president of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, gave a brief speech under the condolence tent in which she spoke about the martyrdom of Marwan al-Fiteh and his role in establishing Deir al-Zour civil council and the civil peace in the north and east of Syria.

She also discussed the latest political developments, the Turkish threats to North and East of Syria, and the US president’s decision to withdraw his troops from Syria.
In the context of her speech, “Omar” reported the sufferings of the peoples of the north of Syria from the horrors under the Turkish occupation and threats, and what is seen by “Afrin” of kidnapping, theft, looting and systematic change of demography by the forces of the Turkish state and its mercenaries are proof of that.

The co- president concluded her speech by calling on the overlapping states in the Syrian crisis to find a settlement and to end the Turkish occupation of the northern regions of Syria and achieving
decentralized democratic Syria.

It should be noted that the martyr “Marwan al-Fiteh” was the joint chairman of the Legislative Council in Deir Al-Zour civil council and was targeted by a shot on the road to Deir al-Zour – Hasaka, which led to his death on 29/12/2018.


Media Office of the Syrian Democratic Council