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A delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council on Thursday (January 17th, 2019 ) inspected the wounded of the terrorist bombing which took place on Wednesday in the city of Munbaj and reassured on their healthy situation.

The delegation of the Syrian Democratic Council included the President of the executive board “Elham Ahmad” and the official of the Public Relations Office “Jihad Omar.” The delegation also included the Vice President of the Executive Council of the Self-Management in North and East of Syria “Hamdan Al-Abd”, as well as members of the Women’s Office, Youth Office and Public relations office in the Syria Democratic Council .

The delegation inspected the wounded of the terrorist bombing distributed on several hospitals in the city of Manbj “Al-Furat Hospital – Al-Amal Hospital” and they checked their healthy situation.

During the visit, the President of the Executive Board , “Ilham Ahmed,” paid tribute to the wounded, wishing them urgent recovery.

It should be noted that the terrorist bombing occurred yesterday in front of a restaurant in the city of Munbaj, which killed 15 martyrs of the military and civil persons , including soldiers from the International Coalition and more than eighteen injured.

Media Office of the Syrian Democratic Council