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 The Women Office in the Syria Democratic Council organized an awareness lecture for female teachers to discuss status and role of women in community in Ein Issa / Rural areas of Raqqa /5 May
The lecture was attended by dozens of female teachers from town of Ein Issa and its countryside to participate in the lecture which was attended by the administrator of Women Office , Ilham Omar , and two members of Women Office, Amina Saleh and Newroz Abdul Rahman
During the lecture, Ilham Omar, spoke about the current situation of women in society, the challenges that facing them, and how to activate their role through seminars and lectures to do their required role.
She continued her talk about the role of women in promoting society and equality with men in all fields, making them a good mother in the house, productive worker in community and an administrator working with efficiency and diligence
For her part, Amina Saleh, member of Women Office talked about the role of women in community development and removal of obstacles that limit their freedom to lead and develop society. Women have proved their capability of initiating and making right decisions in many places and countries.
For their part, the participants presented problems and challenges that hinder their progress, whether at home or within community, in addition to asking questions to members of Women Office and means to find solutions to all problems facing them
It is worh mentioning that the Women Office in the Syria Democratic Council is preparing to hold lectures and seminars in various regions, where it had already held a lecture on reality of women and challenges that face them in town of al-Slouk/ rural areas of Raqqa.

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council
6 May 2019