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A Mass Celebration on the Third Anniversary of the Establishment of the Syria Democratic Council.

On Saturday, December 8, 2018, the Aleppo Office of the Syrian Democratic Council organized a mass celebration on the third anniversary of its founding in Al-Shaqif neighborhood in Aleppo. It was attended by a large number of representatives of political parties and movements, including the Popular Will Party, the Youth and Change Movement, the Palestine Liberation Organization, Syria Future Party – Democratic Union Party – Syrian National Democratic Alliance – Unity Party / Yekiti “as well as the presence of independent political figures and dignitaries of Aleppo and representatives of institutions of self-management.

The ceremony included several words by Joseph Qablan, representative of the Catholic Synod, member of the Future Syria Party, Najla Sheikho, and the administrative member of the National Democratic Alliance, Walid Na’san, and the administrative member of the Democratic Union Party, Zeinab Mustafa. All of them have referred to the sensitive stage which Syria suffers from and requires all sectors of society to unite to start the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, which is the only solution to end the Syrian crisis, and find common ground and a permanent solution to end the fighting in Syria

Fahima Hamo, a member of the Presidential Council, delivered a speech welcoming the participants in the celebration and called for concerted efforts among all the political powers in this difficult period in Syria. A video show was presented on the procession of the Council during the past three years, the structure of the council and various activities organized and participated by it.

Badran Hamo, member of the organization’s office, made a speech during which he discussed the Council’s vision to resolve the Syrian crisis, Syria’s future shape, and its role in establishing security and stability for the areas liberated by Syria democratic forces.

It is worth mentioning that the Syrian Democratic Council was established on 8-9 December 2015 in the city of Rumailan (north-east of Syria), thus forming a national democratic framework for all Syrians, composed of social and political powers and independent



Media Office of the Syrian Democratic Council

 2018  December/9