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A delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) met on Sunday, March 31st, with the secretary of the Kurdish Progressive Democratic Party ( PDPKS) and its political leadership at the party headquarter in the city of Kamichlu to discuss a number of topics and latest political developments

The delegation of MSD included the joint chairman, Riad Darrar, the vice joint-presidency , Majdulin Hassan, as well as the two member of the Public Relations Office. Khalaf Dahood and Farhad Hamo. As well as the member of the presidential council Ali Sa’ad. The delegation was received by the secretary of PDPKS , Abdul Hamid Darwish, members of the Political Bureau : Ahmed Barakat, Ahmed Suleiman and Hassan Janko in addition to members of the Central CommitteeThe two sides discussed the general issues, the Syrian crisis generally, the Kurdish issue in Syria particularly and its course during the Syrian crisis

Mr. Riad Darrar, stressed that the national rights of peoples are natural rights and MSD project is based on recognition of rights of all components without exclusion according to co-existence, participatory culture and a new constitution that preserves the right of all Syrians

The two sides also discussed the reasons for prolonging the Syrian crisis and its complications over the past eight years

The meeting also discussed the results of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue in its third round in the Syrian city of Kubani. Mr. Darwish, considered that the Syrian-Syrian dialogue is a step in the right direction and contributes to bring points of view closer.

In this regard, the deputy of the Joint Presidency, “Magdulin Hassan,” said that the project of MSD is a national project which seeks to end the crisis through dialogue and building a decentralized democratic Syria

The two sides concluded the meeting with the need to continue dialogue and bilateral meetings to serve the common cause in building a united and democratic Syria for all its citizens

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