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On 18 April, the co-president of the Syria Democratic Council, Amina Omar, received a delegation from the Future Syria Party at the council headquarter in Ein-Issa sub-district / rural area of Al-Reqqa / to discuss a number of bilateral topics and the reality of North and East regions of Syria
The delegation of the Future Syria Party included the head of the party, Ibrahim Al-Qaftan, and the General Secretary, Hafrin Khalaf, in addition to a number of party members. On the other side, they were received by the co-president of the Syria Democratic Council, Amina Omar, and the administrator of the Women Office, Elham Omer, as well as the member of the Public Relations Office, Zabia Al-Nassar
The two sides discussed the latest political developments in Syria in general and the regions of North and East of Syria in particular. They also discussed the prospects of resolving the Syrian crisis according to its political course and the relevant Security Council decisions
On the other hand, the two sides discussed together their activities at the Syrian national level to bring the points of view closer through the Syrian-Syrian dialogue led by the Syria Democratic Council in order to reach common visions and thus to achieve a democratic and decentralized Syria for all Syrians without exclusion of any constituent of the Syrian people
The Future Syria Party is one of the affiliated parties with the Syria Democratic Council and seeks to build a democratic, decentralized and pluralistic Syria

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council
18 April 2019