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The Women’s Office of the Syrian Democratic Council met on Wednesday evening 6.1.2019 with the Women’s Committee of the Raqqa Civil Council to increase coordination and to exchange views.

The meeting was attended by members of the Women’s Office of the Syrian Democratic Council, including “Ilham Omar – Amina Saleh – Najah Hussein” in addition to “Jihan Mohammed” Member of the Syrian Women’s Council. They were received by Hana Al Khalaf, member of presidential body in the Civil Council of Raqqa and members of women’s committee in the same council.

The meeting dealt with various aspects and topics, most notably the discussion of political developments and the repercussions of the US president’s decision to withdraw his forces from Syria. They also discussed the fate of northern and eastern Syria in light of Turkish threats to invade and occupy Syrian territory.

The meeting also discussed the prospects of resolving the Syrian crisis and the political settlement, stressing the necessity of women’s participation in it and guaranteeing their rights and not being excluded in the Syrian constitution to be formulated in accordance with the mechanism adopted by UN resolutions.

On the other hand, the meeting tackled the challenges faced by women in northern and eastern Syria, especially in the areas liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces from ISIS and oppression of women under the rule of such terrorist organisation.

The meeting ended with the need to increase coordination between different women’s activities to enable and develop their skills in order to be able to play their leading role in society.

It should be noted that the Women’s Office of the Syrian Democratic Council recently visited various women’s activities in northern and eastern Syria in order to increase coordination and cooperation.

Media Office of the Syrian Democratic Council
2019 /7/1