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The Self- Administration delegation of North and East of Syria, currently in France, held a press conference in Paris about the meeting with French President Emmanuel Macaron
The co-chair of the Executive Body, Abed Hamed Al-Mahbash Spoke during the press conference about the sacrifices made by Syria Democratic Forces with the participation of the International Coalition Forces to liberate northern and eastern Syria from the most dangerous terrorist organization. Al-Mahbash said that SDF provided 11,000 martyrs and more than 22,000 were wounded
He also pointed out that the declaration of the historic victory over the terrorist organization ISIS does not mean eliminating terrorism completely. He stressed that victory requires time and action as well as more cooperation and coordination with the International Forces
Al-Mahbash called on the international community and the French administration to support Self-Administration areas politically and developmentally and to push for the participation of its representatives in drafting committees of new Syrian constitution, because these areas, which include more than 5 million inhabitants, represent different constituents of Syrian people
At the press conference, Al-Mahbash noted that in Self-Administration, they face many challenges: the threat of the terrorist organization still exists through its sleeping cells that threaten the lives of the people, another challenge is the presence of thousands of ISIS members and their families who are detained in the areas of Self-Administration. He added that there is a threat from the Turkish state to invade areas of northern and eastern Syria, which if implemented, will cause a disaster not only in our regions, but also on global security as these areas are holding in its prisons thousands of terrorists
In this context Mahbash continued saying:
“Accordingly, we called upon the international community to support the formation of an international criminal court in Self-Administration regions of northern and eastern Syria to judge these mercenaries in accordance with international law and conventions because they committed their crimes on Syrian territory
He added that if terrorism is not defeated in all its forms, the danger of its emergence again exists even under other names
About their meeting with the French president, Mahbash said :
“The French president stressed the need to support Self-Administration to have representatives in the drafting committees of the Constitution, and the need to resolve the Syrian crisis in accordance with UN resolutions”
On the subject of supporting the Self-administration, Mahbash clarified that French President Macaron stressed the need to support Self-Management materially and support development, service projects, and encouraging the efforts of security and stability in the region
At the end of his speech , Mahbash said that the French president focused on the need for security of the areas on the border, and continued saying that Self-Management considers security and stability as the basis of its demand and would like to have a good neighborly relationship with Turkish state

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council
19 April 2019