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The world celebrates International Women Day, which is on eighth of March of each year. We receive this occasion and Syrian women continue to suffer from forced displacement, murder and abuse. On this occasion, we condemn all policies that produce wars, fighting and violence, which seek to preserve and strengthen the patriarchal system to confront
women and humanity as a whole

This day expresses the struggle of women who are the makers of history, who have fought for centuries to share in building a participatory society and
removal of injustice against them. This day commemorates the great role of women around the world in preserving their rights and calling for change by celebrating the achievements made by them in different fields to build more equitable societies in their countries

This day has become a symbol for women’s struggle and rights. Shortening resistance by facing grievances just in one day each year does not do justice to women’s right and does not reflect the extent of injustice and enslavement suffered by human societies. But turning this day into a means of sustainable struggle every day and moment is one of the most important steps that global women have achieved in all their diversity and multiple cultures

Through their social identity, women have been able to make themselves the offspring of the culture of mother god since the dawn of history

Today, women in north and east of Syria, through their struggle against all forms of slavery and tyranny, have made many strides in struggle for freedom, overcoming many barriers and obstacles that have hindered their struggle process to achieve, through their effective and wide participation, many gains in all political, social, cultural and military spheres , believing that building a democratic society requires the leadership of women’s mind and their free will

In particular, we commend the great role played by women in Women Protection Units defending their land, people and identity, saluting the heroic resistance they have shown in order to eliminate terrorism that threatens their existence

Women provided many sacrifices in their struggle in order to preserve the gains of the revolution of women. Today, they crown their victory with their festivity to become an example of strong, brave and conscious woman, an icon for resistance and a saint for freedom

On this day, we congratulate all the women in the world on their feast. We remember our heroic martyrs, such as Erin Mircan, Barin, Avesta and Hana, appreciating highly
their sacrifices, pledging them to follow their path for the freedom of women and building a democratic society of justice and equality. We salute the resistance of activist Laila Kuven, who is on hunger strike with a large number of politicians in Turkish state prisons. Today, she is offering her life in exchange for security, peace and justice in Turkey
We applaud the resistance of
Women Protection Units ( YPJ), hoping that this year will be a year of peace and more victories