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A Statement to the public opinion

In commemoration of the martyrs who died in the battle of defense of Syrian freedom and its people. And on the third anniversary of the establishment of the Syria Democratic Council as a first democratic national project, we would like to emphasize in the Syria Democratic Council that our battle for liberation and construction is continuing with the increasing insistence on exerting more efforts in order to keep Syria united, by standing all powers together , gathering all Syrian entities, unifying their attitude, asserting their rights in a country that respects rights and based on equality and social justice .A country in which women can take part in policies , administration and achieving equality for all.

Under the policies of the Syria Democratic Council, during this process Syria Democratic Forces could liberate large areas that were under the control of ISIS and they are still chasing it in its last enclave in Hajeen. This liberation battle was accompanied by establishment of civil and service councils to achieve security and stability , and the recent one of these councils was establishing of an administration of North and East of Syria, according to decentralized democratic system which we seek for Syria in future. Our council offered initiatives to unify the democratic and secular opposition, and achieved Syrian meetings of great importance at the political and community level in the city of ” Ain Issa” and we would like to continue other meetings until reaching to a comprehensive national conference , through which ,the process of peace and construction begins.And we took from this dialogue manner and a basic method to solve all Syrian issues . And according to this belief, we accepted negotiating with Damascus because we are convinced that the solution will be among the Syrians themselves, and Damascus as a capital must be democratic and the real life should flourish in it for all Syrians and all people should take part in the political life. The tyranny should be eliminated through peaceful transition and political process under the supervision of the international community. So far, and over the past three years, the Syria Democratic Council has been able to play an important role on the political arena through the project which it provided and applied in the areas liberated from terrorism and the tyranny has been finished, and it is important that this council must be an important party in the political process.

 On this occasion, we offer our warmest congratulations to the Syrians, parties, institutions and independent persons within the framework of the Syria Democratic Council, wishing them all conciliation and success in order to end up the devastating war that has exhousted our beloved country ,Syria. We also ask mercy for the righteous martyrs ,demanding peace for their families, and we encourage our fighters in the battlefields. We will work together to liberate “Afrin”, which was the victim of a conspiracy that will be never forgotten. We will continue to work for constructing the project of the democratic nation and achieving brotherhood among people.

The Syria Democratic Council
Dec.9th, 2018