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A delegation from the Syria Democratic Council participated in the protest march with Afrin people and it included the joint presidency, Ali Mahmoud and Shirin Qaso, a member of the Presidential Council, Mohammad Hassan, the Women Office Administrator, Zainab Qanber, the Relations Office Administrator, Jamal Rashid and office members

After a year of the Turkish occupation of Afrin province, thousands of Afrin and Al- Shahba inhabitants headed to the main Russian headquarter in the village of Kashtar in Shirawa sub-district

Today morning a caravan
of buses headed from all villages of
Al-Shahba province ,Shirawa sub- district and the camps that include Afrin and Al-shahba people towards Shirawa. When they reached to Aleppo International Highway, the people organized a mass demonstration, carrying photos of martyrs ,wounded civilians and photos of thousands of YPK and YPG martyrs, Asayish forces and olive branches, saying slogans such as ( Erdogan is murderer, Afrin is for us , get out of Afrin ) condemning the International Silence towards Afrin

The children of the martyrs, who were martyred in the Era Resistance during the Turkish occupation attacks on Afrin, carried photos of their fathers, their destroyed homes, saying: “I want to return to Afrin”

The demonstrators walked 3 kilometers on Aleppo International Highway, heading towards the northern rural operations center (Russia headquarter in the northern rural area of Aleppo)

A delegation of the democratic self-administration was formed in Afrin region, which included the joint presidency of the region Bekr Alo, Shiraz Hamo, and Amal Qahreman, the mother of the martyr “Karzan” , they headed towards the headquarter gate to deliver the message of Afrin people to Russian side

The letter asked Russia to stop supporting the Turkish occupation and to exit occupation from Afrin

After delivering the message, the delegation went out and stood for a minute of silence. A member of the delegation and Amal Qahraman spoke and confirmed that they handed the message “and it may move their conscience and return Afrin to its people”
After that, the joint presidency of Afrin region, Shiraz Hamo gave a speech saying : “We have delivered people message to end the Turkish occupation which is committing the most horried crimes, illegal and inhuman violations against Afrin people

Turkey, given green light by Russia , went far too in violations in Afrin. Russia had a hand in the occupation of Afrin and it should work to end it

The demonstration ended with a statement to the public opinion which was read by Bekr Alo, in which he referred to the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on Afrin and the popular resistance that was made there. The statement also pointed to the support of some countries for Turkey in the occupation of Afrin and forcing its people to get out of it

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