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On 24 April, Afrin Intellectuals Union paid a visit to Afrin and Al-Shahba office of the Syria Democratic Council in Al- Shahba to discuss the latest political developments in Syria and the region

The visiting delegation included the joint head of Afrin Intellectuals Union, Osama Khalil Ahmed, the official of relations office, Mohammed Walid, and the cultural activities official, Fidan Mohammed, they were received by the joint head of the office of Afrin and Al-Shahba, Shirin Qasso, the member of the Presidential Council, Muhammad Hassan and the administrator in the office of women Zainab Qanbar in addition to member of Relations Office Jamal Rashid

The two sides discussed the latest developments in the Syrian crisis, regional and international interventions.They also discussed the prospects and means of political solution. Both sides stressed on the need to find a political settlement that would end the suffering of the Syrian people

On the role of intellectuals in society, the members of MSD stressed that intellectuals can not be separated from political life and they have a leading role in leadership and awareness of society

The two sides also discussed the necessity of unifying efforts of all sectors of society in order to liberate the Syrian territory from Turkish state, especially Afrin, where the Turkish state commits violations amid international silence.The members of MSD considered that intellectuals have a leading role in combating the occupation and exposing its practices

In a related context, MSD members asserted to the delegation of Intellectuals Union , that the project of the Syria Democratic Council establishes the principle of brotherhood of peoples and coexistence in a decentralized democratic Syria

About their activity, the delegation of Intellectuals Union said that they have communications with intellectuals from all Syrian provinces and from the Arab countries

The meeting between the two sides concluded with the necessity of coordination, cooperation continuation of meetings, and working on defining the project of self-management and its applicability to the whole Syrian geography

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council
 24 April 2019