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 Raqa / October 15

The municipal stadium in Al-Raqa city on October 15 hosted the first induction festival of Syria Future Party under the slogan “Syria First … with Syria the Future”.
Hundreds of residents of Raqa and Tabqa, representatives of civil institutions, local councils from northern and eastern Syria, and community and political figures, as well as sheikhs from the Arab clans of Raqa, Tabqa, Manbej and Deir al-Zour came to the festival.

The delegation was also attended by an official delegation from the Syria Democratic Council represented by the joint presidency of the Syria Democratic Council “Amina Omar”, in addition to the joint president of the Syria Democratic Youth Council “Yousef Al-khloy”.
The festival included several words, including the speech of the President of the Syria Future Party, “Ibrahim Kaftan”
In addition to a speech to the Reqa Council of Civil tenderness, and the families of martyrs, and a word for the Syria Democratic Council, the joint president of the Syria Democratic Council, “Amina Omar,” saying:

“I welcome you all and we are happy to be with you and to participate in this celebration organized by the Syria Future Party in the city of Al-Riqa .

Greetings to the families of the martyrs who painted the finest features of the championship and redemption in order to build a free democratic society and we thank all who contributed to the spread of security and stability, including the forces of Syria’s democracy and internal security forces and our friends in the international coalition ”
“In order to save the Syrian people and stop bloodshed, we need progressive political parties that restore national unity. We hope the Syria Future party will meet the aspirations of the Syrian people for peaceful change, and represent all segments,” she said. Society with its various ethnic and religious components to reach a decentralized democratic Syria ”
The festival continued its activities in presenting songs from Arab and Kurdish heritage, followed by artistic performances that represented part of the heritage of the people of the region.

It is worth noting that the Syria Future Party is an independent political party that adopts a peaceful approach to achieve its goals of democratization. It represents the will of a Syrian citizen, united by a common vision, established in March of this year, Syria Democratic Council.

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council