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In a speech at the first conference of Women’s Administration held today in Tapqqa, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, said: “The so-called” safe areas “can not be accepted under Turkish tutelage” Stressing that Syrian Democratic Forces , which belong to the region, are protecting our areas. It is the self-administration that administrates the region and the system that we built, will last. If there is a safe area , it must be
run by our forces and sons

“Omar spoke about the latest developments in the region, pointing out to the importance of this conference, which is being held in preparation for the announcement of the final victory over the largest terrorist organization in the world, saying that ” holding the confrence today is of great importance at a time ISIS is eliminated in its last strongholds.The victory which women had a large role in it”
Mrs. Omar added : The Conference aims to put groundwork to develop women, bury slavery and injustice

She said:  after the decision of US withdrawal from the north and east of Syria, we have witnessed many events and greedinesses for many parties to occupy our areas and strike our democratic project. Omar said at the end of her speech : We have not seen yet an international compromise about the safe area, but we want to say that we live in our areas safely with each other and we are going on in our resistance
It is worth mentioning that Women’s Administration in Tapqqa area held its conference in the presence of hundreds of Tapqqa women and delegations of women from northern and eastern Syria at Khaled Elewi Academy in Tabaqa