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On Tuesday, 2 April, on invitation of the Syrian Center for Studies and Dialogue, the Co-President of the Syria Democratic Council, Riad Darrar, gave an intellectual lecture on concept of” democratic Islam ” in one of the public halls in Manbaj

The lecture was attended by dozens of interested people and cultural elites, as well as members of the civil democratic administration in Manbaj city and number of dignitaries and sheikhs of clans in the city

The Co- president of (SDC) Riad Darar, began his lecture “the Democratic Islam” by explaining the concept of the State in the Islamic System saying 
The state in the Islamic System is based on freedom of all its peoples, it does not interfere in their beliefs, but protects everyone, and does not adopt a religion imposed on anyone
Darar continued his lecture adding  Islam respects diversity and plurality
The recognition of plurality and human diversity are essential features of Islam, so the State can not stand without them but it can only stand on the basis of their recognition and their existence
Darar also explained that the development of human renaissance and necessities of coexistence with the surroundings led to modernization of society, which in turn led to separation between religious and political authorities which led to reorganization of society on basis of freedom, equality, justice, rationality and civil rights
He noted that the concepts of freedom, democracy, equality, freedom of opinion and expression, women participation and their equality in work, position and rights are among Islam core and they did not come from outside of Islam.We only need to renew religious thought, to open the horizon for democracy and reject guardianship on people
The Co- President of SDC confirmed that the success of any democratic approach requires emphasizing on concept of citizenship that works on controlling social stampede, consolidating rules of community unity, ensuring privacy, equality of rights and duties, affirming personal freedoms of individuals and non-discrimination between races and genders

Darar continued, that to achieve previous concepts, it is required 
“To build a state on a social contract that ensures limits of relationship between authority and citizens. The competition should be based on programs, not identities and affiliations, rejecting discrimination among citizens and respecting cultures as well as gender equality and acceptance of principle of rotation of power and participation in nomination, election and existence of opposition that expresses respect for other opinion and the need to implement democracy and affirm pluralism
The lecture ended with questions from the attendants and Co-President of the Syria Democratic Council ,Riad Darar answered their questions and queries 

Media Office of the Syria Democratic Council

  2April  2019