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Cable of condolences

With great sadness and sorrow we received the news of the martyrdom of Sheikh “Bashir Faisal Hweidi” by the gangs of criminality and terrorism, Sheikh Bashir, who was a national stature and known for his noble positions towards his homeland and his people.

We in the Syria Democratic Council in all its components denounce and condemn this sinful act, which expresses only the dark and terrorist thought.

On behalf of the Public Relations Office, we express our deepest and sincere condolences to the families of Sheikh Bashir and the noble tribe of Afadela.

We affirm that the terrorism that is taking its final breath in our regions will not undermine our resolve. We affirm that Sheikh Bashir will be a beacon Democratic project and rejection of the culture of extremism and criminality.

We ask God Almighty to inspire the families of the martyr and his clan patience and tolerance and to embrace him with the mercy and forgiveness of his mercy.


Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Council