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Since its establishment, the Syria Democratic Council has adopted dialogue and mutual respect among people on basis of common brotherhood and homeland. And what we are doing now is a continuation of our national and political project, but after the liberation stage, we need to continue more efforts to consolidate civil peace and stability of regions that have been liberated from ISIS and to preserve on all that have been built by blood of people of the region
What the Syria Democratic Council is doing, is an experiment and a backbone for new Syria, especially since all tribes, their dignitaries and components of north of Syrian show their care on unity of Syrian soil.The tribesmen are guarantors of civil peace, safety of the country and they do not like to abandon from any part of their homeland and insist on liberating occupied territories.These tribesmen would like to come over terms like east and west Euphrates because Syria is unified for all Syrians
The Syrian Democratic Council invites brothers, members of the tribes and dignitaries, who were present in previous meetings which produced good results on practical level, to participate in clan gathering held on 3 May in the town of Ein Issa to discuss solutions for dangerous situation that our country passes through. And they should not be attentive to calls of those who seek to create sedition between Syrians and make them away from historical truth experienced by our people.Those who seek to strike the democratic experiment achieved in north-eastern part of Syria.Therefore, we condemn these practices which increase division and sedition, inviting all Syrian people to benefit from eight years of destruction and to begin a serious national dialogue that establishes generalization of democratic experiment throughout the country

Preparatory Committee of the Syrian Tribes Forum

2 May 2019