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On the occasion of Eid Al-Akito, the new Syriac- Assyrian Year, which is
on the first of April of each year. We, in the Syria Democratic Council, offer our congratulations to Syriac-Assyrian people and all Syrian constituents
Based on the symbols of this Eid (Spring Eid), which indicate renewal of nature and resurgence of everything in it, we are going to work for bringing the desired democratic change in Syria which will create a suitable environment for all Syrian constituents to live side by side with full rights and equality away from national, religious and sectarian chauvinism.This Eid also coincides with the triumphs of our people by virtue of SDF victories on the terrorist organization “ISIS” in regions of north and east of Syria.This historic victory confirms the will of these peoples to live in freedom and dignity, rejecting injustice by giving caravans of martyrs to achieve this aim and seeking for a better future in order to reach a decentralized Democratic Syria.Once again, we congratulate all Syrian people on this Eid hoping that the coming days will bring welfare, peace and stability

The Syria Democratic Council

30 March 2019