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The Syria Democractic Council congratulates all the Yazidis in Syria and the region on the occasion of the Yazidi New Year’s Day, which is on the first Wednesday of the month of Eastern April, the Day of Nature and resurrection of the new life
This Eid comes at a time when Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) have achieved a great victory over the terrorist ISIS, geographically and militarily.This organization which the peoples suffered from its crimes and war atrocities, especially the Yezidi Kur ds since the occupation of Mosul by ISIS supported by Turkish regime and its local operators 
It is worth mentioning that it is the 74th massacre committed to this ancient and inherent component of the region. We also hope that the beginning of the new year will bring an end to all forms of tyranny, injustice, exclusion and dictatorship, the beginning in which peoples and societies will enjoy freedom and security, the values of peace and tolerance and a comprehensive end to terrorism and to the system of centralized tyranny. We also call upon the United Nations and the International Community to shoulder their responsibilities towards the kidnapped Yazidis in order to ensure the reunification of the Yezidi families and to compensate for their damage

Syria Democratic Council
15 April 2019