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On this morning, 13-13-2019, the Syrian Democratic Council held a meeting for the dignitaries and clans of the Darbasiya region and its countryside at the Cultural Center.

The meeting, which was called by the Organization office of the Syrian Democratic Council, was attended by a large number of dignitaries and clans of the Darbasiya region, in the presence of the President of the executive board of the Syria Democratic Council “Ilham Ahmed”.

“Ilham Ahmed” During the meeting spoke extensively about the latest political and regional developments, specifically Syria, and field developments in northern and eastern Syria.

She continued, “Ahmed” talking about the decision taken by the US President to withdraw from Syria, indicating that the US decision is no doubt the most recent change in the international equation, specifically in the position of the overlapping countries in the Syrian issue, stressing at the same time that this decision to withdraw must be in coordination with his allies on the ground, so that there is no chance and pretext for the intervention of other countries that may make the Syrian scene more complicated.

Ahmed pointed out that the political and military options for us that emerged during the American decision were basically existed since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. As for the opening of the dialogue with Damascus or its Russian ally, the Syria Democratic Council o has relied on dialogue as the basis for resolving the thorny issues in Syria, and that the last options were based on the national vision and the preservation of the Syrian soil and prevent it from division and occupation, and at the same time we have moral invariants that can not be compromised.

At the end of the meeting, “Ilham Ahmed” called for the need for solidarity of the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, as the region is going through a new phase, and the unity of peoples is capable of defeating all plans and curbing any threat from the Turkish state.

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