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A Training Course to Refine the Abilities and Skills of Women

The Women’s Office of the Syrian Democratic Council organizes a training course for its members from all branches and centers throughout the week in al-Darbasiyah sub-district.
The course opened on 20 August with the participation of the Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, as well as the participation of more than thirty members of the Women’s Office, under the supervision of the Vice-President of the Executive Committee of SDC, Nojeen Yussef.
The Vice-president of the Executive Committee ,Nojeen Yussef, talked about the aim of organizing the course and topics to be discussed throughout the week. In addition to the importance of training for women and to restore women’s leading role in the society.
Nojeen Yussef’ stressed the need to give women the importance according to the context of the stage, there could be no talk about any real development in the absence of women and their marginalization.
The Co-Chair, Amina Omar, talked about the developments that accompanied the march of women and how the training during the women’s history contributed to refine their abilities and raising her awareness in all aspects.
Because the topic of the first day of the training was about SDC and its project for the future of Syria, Omar talked about the political document and national steadfasts on which the Syrian Democratic Council is committed by.
Omar also mentioned the importance of SDC project and its relevance to future of Syria, and how it takes care of social cohesion and solidarity away from the culture of exclusion and singularity.
The course is scheduled to run throughout the week and will cover topics such as “Women in the Middle East, the History of Syrian Women, as well as Women, Politics and Diplomatic Relations”. In addition to topics such as Women’s Science “Jinology” and lectures about constructive criticism.

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August 20, 2019

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