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After the Tribal Forum and the Syrian Dialogue Sessions, the Public Relations Office is about to Hold Other Activities

On August 20, The Public Relations Office held its regular meeting in Ein Issa sub-district to discuss the mechanisms of expanding the Council’s activity at home and abroad through various activities and forums.The meeting was attended by the majority of the members of the Public Relations Office in addition to the joint head of the Office, Jihad Omar. The meeting began by talking about political developments in the region, especially the Turkish threats to areas of Norh and East of Syria.The attendees dealt with the need to establish relations and open channels of communication with the active countries in the Syrian file, and working together to stop the Turkish state from its threats and ending its occupation of Northern Syrian areas. The meeting also touched on the dialogue workshops held by SDC in European countries, where other workshops are scheduled after the success of Paris and Vienna workshops that were welcomed among the democratic opposition circles. On the other hand, the attendees stressed on the need to hold more forums and meetings with all segments of Syrian society at home.
With regard to the representation of SDC abroad, the meeting called for activating more SDC representations and working to open others in different Arab and European countries to represent the Council and intensify diplomatic relations.

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August 20, 2019

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