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Elham Ahmed: We Shared the Understandings of the Security Mechanism to Protect our Borders and Rejected the Turkish Tutelage over our Regions

The President of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, described the understandings that took place between the United States and the Turkish state on the one hand, and the Syrian Democratic Forces on the other as the necessary security arrangements to protect the areas of Northern and Eastern Syria.
Ahmed’s speech came during her attendance with the Deputy of the Executive Committee, Nojeen Yussef, on August 27, the final session of the training course held by the Women Office for its members in the sub- district of Darbasiyah / Hasaka countryside /.
Ahmed touched on the talks between the United States and the Turkish state in coordination with the Syrian Democratic Forces, which led to a preliminary agreement that can be built on in future, where the region avoids wars.
 Ahmet continued, pointing out that the Turkish state was seeking to impose a fait accompli and repeat the experience of Afrin region to change the features of the region and its demography, as well as atrocities and crimes amounting to crimes against humanity to indigenous people of the region.
“ Ahmad mentioned that SDF has shown flexibility and open-mindedness to any agreement that puts an end the Turkish threats to Self-Administration areas’. She added that the latter agreement creates an atmosphere of stability and security in the region and paves the way to conditions for SDF with the international coalition to complete their tasks in eliminating sleeper cells of the terrorist organization ISIS.

About the political process and the courses of political solution, the President of the Executive Committe ,Ilham Ahmed, said that the final picture has not crystallized yet, because of the lack of real will to end the Syrian crisis, whether in Geneva or Sochi, adding that any agreement would not be successful under the absence of representatives of Northern and Eastern Syria. She confirmed that they in the Syrian Democratic Council and through their pursuit of a realistic and objective policy were able to build a model for the future Syria in the regions of Northern and Eastern Syria.
About the role of women, Ahmed talked about the centrality of the issue of women in building a new society in which women will have the leading role.
She said: ” We in SDC see that the issue of women is pivotal and cultural one , we seek to promote the level of women and share them in political life to build a democratic society that is based on women’s freedom.”
Ahmed concluded by saying:
“Our aim is to achieve a decentralized democratic Syria which takes into account the positive diversity situation through a modern constitution that respects the rights of all components without exclusion or discrimination, where the final word in it is the will of the Syrian people.”

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August 28, 2019

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