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SDC Meets with Elites and Societal Figures in al-Shahba

On August 28, Afrin and al-Shahba office of the Syrian Democratic Council organized a dialogue seminar for elites and societal figures in al-Ahdath town in al-Shahba district, in the presence of dozens of different social factions in the region.

The symposium was attended by the joint president of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, and the Co-Chair of the organization office, Leila Qahraman, in addition to cultural, social and tribal personalities in the regions of Afrin and al- Shahba.

The seminar started by talking about the recent developments by the Co-President Amina Omar, who talked about the political developments in the region.

Omar also touched on recent understandings about the security mechanism to protect the northern borders of Northern and Eastern Syria, adding that the latest understanding will lead to establishment of security and stability in the region and paves the way for the security forces and SDF to chase the sleeper cells of the terrorist organization ISIS.

On the same subject, Omar said: “The recent agreement was between the United States and the Turkish state, in coordination with the Syrian Democratic Forces which were open-minded to any agreement that stops bloodshed and avoid war.”

Regarding the position of the Syrian Democratic Council, Omar said: “The Syrian Democratic Council views positively the security mechanism that has been agreed upon, because it fulfills the demands of the Syrian people and ends the Turkish threats to Northern and Eastern Syria.”

Omar touched on including al-Shahba areas of thousands of displaced people of Afrin after it had been occupied by Turkey, adding that the liberation of Afrin is one of the priorities of the Syrian Democratic Council.

On the other hand, the Co-Chair of SDC talked about the efforts of the Syrian Democratic Council to unify the visions of democratic opposition through organizing dialogue workshops in European and Arab countries, where it held workshops in Paris and Vienna, and similar workshops are scheduled to be held in other European and Arab capitals soon.

In conclusion, Omar talked about the political process and the prospects for a solution and resolving the crisis, where she pointed to the importance of building a national consensus by involving all political powers and parties. She added that in the absence of the Syrian Democratic Council from the political process, all these efforts will fail, as SDC represents the will of the Syrian components and is the holder of the most appropriate project for the future Syria.

At the end of the symposium, the participants were allowed to express their views and ask questions, while expressing the importance of holding such seminars and dialogue sessions in order to inform these factions about the events in the region.

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August 29, 2019

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