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A meeting of the Syrian Democratic Council with the people of Afrin in “al-Aser camp” in al-Shahba

On August 30, Afrin and al-Shahba office of the Syrian Democratic Council organized a public meeting with the residents of Afrin and al-Shahba in al- Aser camp located in al-Shahba area in the presence of dozens of camp residents and people of the area.
The meeting was attended by the Co-Chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, who initially greeted the people of Shahba area, who hosted thousands of Afrin residents after their area was occupied by Turkey.
The Co-Chair of SDC talked about the political and field developments in Syria generally and North especially, which is experiencing successive events in the absence of a political solution that ends the crisis
Omar touched on the understandings that took place regarding the areas of Northern and Eastern Syria and the security mechanism, which was coordinated with the Syrian Democratic Forces to protect the borders of Self-Administrarion areas from Turkish threats.
Regarding the recent developments in Idlib province, Omar pointed to the negative role of the Turkish state, which did not abide by the agreements made between it and the guarantors of Astana, so many Syrian people died.
About the political process and the prospects for a final solution to the Syrian crisis, Omar said : ” there is no alternative to a political solution without the participation of all Syrian parties and national democratic powers in order to reach a final solution to the crisis and build a new Syria on a decentralized democratic basis.
Omar also touched on the heroic resistance shown by Afrin people in the face of the Turkish war machine that was aimed their presence, adding that without returning Afrin to what it was before the Turkish occupation, there would be no final solution to the Syrian crisis.
In turn, the people conveyed their sufferings under the Turkish occupation and inhuman practices committed by the Turkish army and its mercenaries against indigenous people. They expressed their thanks for holding such seminars and letting them know about the latest political developments in the region.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
August 30, 2019

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