The Syrian Democratic Council

Political powers and organizations in north and east Syria: a constitution that we did not participate in its drafting will not represent us and we will not recognize its results

Political powers and organizations in north and east Syria announced in a statement yesterday, that the Constitutional Committee’s agreement is opposed with the hopes and aspirations of Syrian people towards freedom and change by continued exclusion of representatives of north and east of Syria.
The statement of the political powers and parties came after the United Nations announced by Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, of reaching an agreement on formation of the Constitutional Committee, to prepare and draft a new constitution for the country, considering it a key input to the political process of resolving the conflict after the agreement of “all parties” on composition of the Commission.
The statement said that the committee to be launched does not represent the components of Syrian people and their hopes for a new Syria, as much as it represents the countries that seek to achieve gains at the expense of the sufferings of Syrian people, namely the three countries ” Russia,Turkey and Iran”
The statement noted that the latest agreement came after “Turkey, Russia and Iran” decided that the drafting committee of Syrian constitution has to begin its work as soon as possible, during the tripartite summit held last Monday in Ankara.
Political powers and organizations in north and east of Syria have confirmed that a major Syrian party that is an important figure in general Syrian equation, in resolving its crisis and writing its future constitution which is supposed to be a comprehensive democratic representing all components and peoples in Syria. This party is the democratic political powers in north and east of Syria, represented by the Syrian Democratic Council and self-administration.
 On the other hand, the statement said that the formation of the committee is contrary to the resolutions of the United Nations and seeking for a consensual political solution based on UN resolution 2254.Therefore, the results of this committee will be negative and lead to deepening of the crisis and more of its complexity.
The statement described that in absence of the representatives of north and east of Syria, there will be no final solution to the Syrian crisis, and without participation of all Syrian parties, Syria will remain a wave manipulated by winds of international interests without regard to Syrian people and their interests.
In their statement, the political powers and organizations reaffirmed the importance of reaching a political solution to the Syrian crisis through an effective, serious and meaningful Syrian-Syrian dialogue with participation of all Syrian parties.
The political forces concluded by stressing that any constitution resulting from work of this committee will not be recognized by us, as it does not represent all Syrians.On this basis we affirm our demand from the United Nations that we should be represented in the Syrian negotiations.

political powers and parties that signed the statement :

1-Democratic Union pyd.

2. The Kurdistan Democratic Party of Peace.

3-The Kurdistan Liberal Union.

4. The Kurdistan Communist Party.

5 – Party Democratic Kurdistan – Syria.

6-The Kurdistan National Assembly Party.

7. The Kurdistan Democratic Change Party.

8 – Kurdistan Renewal Movement.

9- Union of Working People of Kurdistan.

10. The Kurdistan Green Party.

11. Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party.

12. The Kurdish Left Party in Syria.

13. The Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria.

14. Syrian Kurdish Democratic Accord Party.

15. Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti).

16. Reform Movement – Syria.

17. Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (al-Party).

18. Syriac Union Party.

19. Arab National Commission.

20-The Kurdistan Fraternity Party.

21-National Coordination Body –  Democratic Change Movement

22-The Kurdish Democratic Roj Party in Syria.

23-Modernity and Democracy Party for Syria.

24. Free Patriotic Union- Rojava.

25- Kurdistan Future Trend

26- Democratic Society Movement (Tev-Dem).

27-The Star Conference.

28. Democratic Conservative Party.

29. Assyrian Democratic Party

30-Future Syria Party

September 23, 2019

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