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Ilham Ahmed Meets with Members of Congress and Requests to Protect the Region from Turkish Invasion

President of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council Ilham Ahmed met with prominent members of the US Congress, asked the US administration to stop the Turkish attack and protect the region from the ethnic cleansing operations carried out by the Turkish state in northern Syria.
Ahmed’s meeting with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, Democrat Chris Van Hollen and other members of the US Congress followed by a press conference to explain the content of the meeting.
Ahmed revealed to the American side about the objective of Turkey’s aggression on North and East of Syria through implementation of expansionist plans of the Turkish state and conducting ethnic cleansing to change the demography of the region.
 About the decision of withdrawing US troops, Ahmed said:
 The decision of the sudden and immediate withdrawal of US forces has had serious repercussions on the region and lives of its components, where up to half a million people have been displaced, more than 250 people have lost their lives, including 22 children, and the Turkish aggression has left more than 677 wounded. In addition to Turkish army’s targeting and its affiliated groups to peaceful political figures as they did to the Kurdish politician Hefrin Khalaf.
For their part, members of the US Congress supported to send UN troops to protect areas of the Syrian Democratic Council from Turkish attacks, and to prevent airspace in North and East of Syria in front of Turkish aircraft (imposing a no-fly zone).
Members of Congress also stressed the need to impose severe sanctions on the Turkish state and force it to stop its aggressive operations against components of North and East of Syria.
About the fears of the redeployment of the terrorist organization ISIS after the Turkish aggression Ahmad said
“There is a possibility of reorganizing the ranks of ISIS again as a result of the Turkish invasion, knowing that what Turkey calls the national army, most of its leaders were ISIS princes who fled to Turkey which reorganized them again to attack our safe areas.”
Senator Chris Van Hollen said they were very concerned about the situation in North and East of Syria, adding that Congress should unite to keep US troops there to ensure air support and sanctions against the Turkish state.

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October 22, 2019

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