The Syrian Democratic Council

Human Rights and Documentation Forum on the Crimes of Genocide and Demographic Change in North and East Syria

Today, a meeting was held in Rumailan / Northeastern Syria / on ethnic genocide and demographic change in North and East Syria to discuss a number of axes and sessions, with the participation of more than / 100 / personalities in the field of ethnic genocide and demographic change.The forum included politicians, jurists, intellectuals, writers and representatives of civil society organizations, the injured, families of martyrs, human rights institutions, academics, and representatives of the components of North and East Syria.
The forum was organized by ” Rojava Center for Strategic Studies” and it dealt with several aspects, including the political and historical aspects of ethnic genocide and demographic change and the legal aspect in addition to discussing solutions, proposals to limit genocide and demographic change.
The proceedings of the forum were interspersed with sessions and testimonies from the regions that were exposed to the Turkish occupation, as well as human rights and documentary reports.
The reports included cases of physical harm to civilians, torture, ill-treatment, enforced disappearance, damage to property, targeting medical personnel and journalists, looting of property, cutting down trees, and mutilating bodies and other violations.
In this context, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, had an intervention, highlighting the effects of genocide and demographic change, and described their results as disastrous for the structure and texture of society.
She added that terrorism practiced by the armed factions associated with the Turkish army is only a drop in the sea of terrorism practiced by the Turkish state against its peoples firstly and against the peoples of the region secondly.
Omar added that the Turkish state has expansionist intentions in the region in general, it threatens the stability of the region along the lines of its blatant interference, occupation of the lands in Northern Syria and changing the composition of its population.
There were also interventions by the people of the occupied areas in Seri Kaniyeh / Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad, and they enriched the session’s axes with live testimonies about the practices of the Turkish army and its mercenaries. They also confirmed that mercenary groups and the Turkish army are responsible for genocide and ethnic genocide against the indigenous people of the region.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
December 18, 2019

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