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A Symposium for Political, Societal and Clan powers organized by SDC in Qamishlo

On the occasion of the second anniversary of the start of the Turkish aggression against Afrin region, the Organization Office of the Syrian Democratic Syria held today, a dialogue seminar for political, societal powers, Arab and Kurdish clan elders, in addition to civil society institutions and women’s activities, under the slogan “Afrin, the Gateway to Peace and Solution in Syria”.
The symposium was presented by the co-presidency of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar and Riyadh Darar.
The symposium dealt with two main axes, the first dealt with causes and repercussions in addition to results of the Turkish aggression on Afrin region and the practices that followed that occupation in the region and caused a humanitarian catastrophe, while the second axis dealt with political developments and solution paths in Syria.
During the first axis, the Co-president, Amina Omar, touched on reasons that Turkey, led by Erdogan, took to mislead public opinion and implement its expansionist occupation project in Syrian territories.
She added that structural reasons and others related to crises inside Turkey, in addition to striking the experience of Self-Administration that allowed all components to participate in managing their regions and protecting the gains of the Syrian people, were behind the Turkish aggression.
The co-chair, Riyadh Darar, spoke on the second axis which is devoted to discussing political developments in the entire region and its interferences, which are affected and affect in one way or another by the Syrian crisis file.
Darar discussed the positions of Arab countries and described them positively, especially Egypt’s role at this phase, where its foreign minister received a delegation from the Syrian Democratic Council and expressed Egypt’s rejection of Turkish expansion in the region and its destructive role in Syrian file.
On the other hand, Darar drew attention to efforts made by the Syrian Democratic Council through dialogue forums at home and dialogue workshops with democratic opposition in European countries in order to resolve the Syrian crisis and build a comprehensive national case.
In the closing paragraph, the attendees were allowed to express their views and opinions about the positions of the Syrian Democratic Council, the future of the country and the current economic situation, in addition to asking questions to the co- presidency which provided answers and an adequate explanation.
The organizing office aims, through holding these seminars, to involve all groups, segments of society and explain the overall events taking place in the region and the position of the Syrian Democratic Council regarding them.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
January 17, 2020

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