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Deputy of Co- Presidency Gave a Lecture on the Negotiating Process and Political Tracks

Upon the invitation of the Organization Office of the Syrian Democratic Council, the Deputy of Co- Presidency , Majdoulin Hassan, gave a lecture in the city of Qamishlo about the negotiating process and paths of solution in Syria according to international decisions, in presence of political parties, in addition to participation of women, the Co-presidency of SDC and the President of the Executive Committee . Hassan reviewed at the beginning of her lecture the history of the Syrian crisis, its causes, repercussions, and how it became internationalized in the international meetings and agreements that sought to resolve the Syrian crisis.
Hassan touched on the causes of the failure of international meetings and agreements to find a solution to the crisis and causing a real breakthrough in terms of ending the sufferings of the Syrian people and achieving their demands for freedom and democracy.
She also talked about the paths of the solution, whether in Geneva or the Constitutional Committee, the Sochi and Astana meetings, and the reasons for their failure so far, which Hassan attributed to the exclusion of the Syrian Democratic Council from such meetings.
She considered the exclusion of the Syrian Democratic Council from the political process led to the failure of those meetings, since the Syrian Democratic Council is a holder of a national project without it there would be no way to find a final solution to the Syrian situation or achieving a sustainable peace process in the country.
Hassan also talked about the parties of the negotiating process, and praised the role of the Women’s Consultative Council established by former international envoy, Stephen de Mistura, to replace the lack of women’s participation in the Syrian government and opposition delegations in addition to other tasks related to preparing and studying negotiation papers.
The attendees also gave interventions on the Women’s Consultative Council, its role, the reasons for excluding the representatives of north- eastern Syria from political process, its paths, and the horizon of a political solution in Syria.

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January 19, 2020

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