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Mercenaries Of The Turkish Occupation Kill A Seventy- Aged Woman In Afrin

Mercenary factions affiliated toTurkish occupation state continue with a series of violations committed against the remaining native residents of Afrin in the region.

A mercenary faction known for its extremism and which is close to the Turkish occupation, killed an elderly seventy- aged woman after stealing the property of her house.

In the details, the mercenaries attacked the house of the murdered , Fatima Kanah, (75 years old) in the village of Hekijah, in Shih sub- district of Afrin countryside. They stole money and jewelry that she had, and then they strangled her.

According to activists, the mercenaries of the Samarkand Group belonging to notorious Amshat faction took advantage of the absence of the sons of the murdered in the field. When the news spread in the village and in order to evade crime, the extremist faction carried out a kidnapping campaign against the sons of the murdered ((Muhammad 60 years old-Fawzi 55 years old – Hanan 45 years old – Muhammad’s son is called Fawzi 25 years old), and the campaign has kidnapped a number of women and the elderly, on the pretext of investigating the crime.
On the other hand, the faction of Sultan Suleiman Shah, “Al Amshahat”, carried out excavation works with the aim of excavating antiquities in Tal Aranda Archeological Hill, located in Shih sub-district in the western Afrin countryside.

Activists reported that the hill is subjected almost daily to digging with heavy equipment in search of antiquities by elements of Sultan Suleiman Shah faction affiliated to the Turkish state, which led to great damage to the hill and the faction caused massive damage as a result of the continuous random searches.

Reliable sources confirmed to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that a leader in Islamic Sham Legion, which is close to Turkish authorities, intends to carry out archaeological excavations in the areas of Maidanki and Nabi Huri, where the looting of antiquities carried out amid the Turkish blindness intended to release the hand of the factions to change the history of the region after its present and future have been transformed.
The residents of Afrin, who numbered hundreds of thousands, were displaced in camps in northern Aleppo, while their homes were looted, robbed and taken over by mercenary factions with the support of the Turkish occupier which controlled Afrin in March, 2018.

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