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Elham Ahmed to ” population of Afrin and al- Shahba ” : The solution of the Syrian crisis passes through liberation of all occupied lands.

The President of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, met on Friday with a group of political blocs, political parties and societal figures from Afrin and al-Shahba regions, in Fafin sub- district in al-Shahba area in northern countryside of Aleppo.
The President of the Executive Committer of SDC, Ilham Ahmed, talked about the political scene in Syria and its developments in the absence of any horizon for a comprehensive and final solution to the crisis that entered its tenth year amid increasing suffering of the Syrian people with all their components and sectors.
Ahmed dealt with the causes of the exacerbation and prolonging of the Syrian crisis, considering the dispersal of the Syrian parties, their lack of ownership of their decision and their dependence on regional and international parties, as one of the most important reasons for deepening the suffering of the Syrians.
She added that the negative role played by some regional and international countries, led by Turkey, has exacerbated and complicated the crisis in the country, as Turkey has the upper hand in the Syrian file, controls fate of millions of the Syrian people, changes the country’s population engineering and adopting an aggressive expansionist policy towards the Syrians.
At the same time, the president of the Executive Committee of SDC, Ilham Ahmed, affirmed that any solution to the crisis must go through liberation of all Syrian lands, especially those occupied by Turkey, such as (Afrin – Sri Kaniye / Ras Al-Ain – Tal Abyad – Al-Bab – Azaz and Jarablus). In addition, it should stop its hands from interfering in Idlib governorate.
Ahmed said that the regime bears the greatest responsibility for exacerbating the Syrian crisis because of its intransigence and rejection of a political solution since the beginning of the crisis, its use of violence and a military approach to suppress the demands of the Syrian people for change and democracy.
She touched on the situation of Afrin, violations and crimes committed by mercenaries supported by Turkey systematically against women and residents of Afrin, with the intention of changing the demography of the region and legitimizing its occupation. She urged people to be careful and vigilant about policies that Turkey does, saying : “It is necessary to expose such policies to public opinion and not to forget Afrin, for forgetting means treachery”.
Ahmed said: It is imperative to unify the efforts of the Syrian democrats and build consensus that transcends narrow frameworks to bear responsibility regarding what is happening to Syria and ways to preserve the unity of Syria, its land and people.
In a related context, Ahmed talked about the deteriorating economic conditions in the country, which increase the suffering of the Syrians in light of the majority of the population lacking the necessities of a decent living, especially the displaced people of Afrin and the residents of al-Shahba area, where hundreds of thousands of people reside in displacement camps.
Ahmad reviewed the potential implications of the implementation of Caesar Law on Economic Sanctions on central government in Damascus, attributed it to continuation of Damascus in its policies and its indifferent to the state of the country.

This meeting came within the framework of a visit by the President of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, to al-Shahba area in northern countryside of Aleppo to meet civil institutions and political parties.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
June 06, 2020

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