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Ilham Ahmed From Aleppo: The Crisis Exhausted the Syrians, And Its Solution Requires Concerted Efforts Of All

In Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo, the President of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, met this morning with a number of political parties, civil institutions, societal and women’s activities.
Ahmed talked about political developments and changes taking place in the Syrian arena, the role of regional and international parties in resolving the Syrian crisis, and formulas for reaching a political settlement that ends the Syrian dilemma that cost Syrians a lot.
On aggravation of economic situation and deterioration of value of Syrian currency, Ahmed held the central government in Damascus the reason for the situation due to its pursuit of military option and its refusal of initiatives of serious national dialogue, which is a way out and a solution to fragmentation of the Syrian elites.
The president of the Executive Committee of SDC affirmed to the attendees the Syrian Democratic Council’s assertion to pursue its national path and its open-mindedness to all initiatives that would move from the state of tyranny to a democratic decentralized system that protects Syria from acquisition attempts and ends the existing state of occupation.
Ahmed said that the Self-Administration of North and East Syria is working to mitigate the effects of the high cost of living following the deterioration of the value of the Syrian currency with the near implementation of American sanctions against the Syrian regime, through formation of special committees whose task is to study and follow up the administration’s plans to improve living conditions of the residents of north and east Syria and the locally displaced ones from the rest of the regions, whose numbers are estimated at hundreds of thousands.
She continued to talk about the tragic situation experienced by the population of the occupied Syrian lands by the Turkish state, especially in Afrin, where the frequency of violations is escalating and the news inform about targeting women and the elderly and persistence of Turkish state through its mercenary network to intimidate the residents and displace the rest of them and thus complete its settlement project to change population composition in the region and obliterating the historical identity of it.
Ahmed highlighted the initiative launched by the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces – SDF – to unify the discourse and the Kurdish rank in Syria, describing this step as important for all Syrians, considering it as a continuation of the path of the Syrian Democratic Council calling for the necessity of dialogue and negotiation to solve all problems in order to reach a final and comprehensive solution to the crisis in the country.
In a related context, , Ahmed, met with a number of intellectuals in Aleppo Cultural Forum, stressing the keenness of the Syrian Democratic Council on participation of all Syrian elites, especially the intellectuals, in formulating a comprehensive and final solution to the Syrian crisis.
The president of the Executive Committee called on the intellectuals to play their effective role in exposing the practices of the Turkish occupier and urged the Syrian people to stop the attempts of regional countries, especially Turkey that takes advantage of the capabilities of the Syrian youth and take them into battles that serve Turkey’s expansionist plans in the region.
At the end of the meeting, the writer Mohamed Amin presented a copy of his documentary book on Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood under the title “Citadel of Resistance” to the president of the Executive Committee , Ilham Ahmed in appreciation of her efforts to defend the Syrian and the Syrian cause.

Media of the Syrian Democratic Council
June 07, 2020