The Syrian Democratic Council

Riyad Darrar, “Miscreant Fingers Write the Subversion in Deir Ezzor, and the Reasons Are Oil and the Kurdish Consensus”

Mr. Riyad Darrar, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, believes that the indications of targeting Arab tribal leaders in the regions of Deir Ezzor and Raqqa are due to “the fact that the clan belongs to authenticity and ancient traditions, and its members are loyal to lineage and blood, and because of the absence of organization and as a result of individual impulses that are based on the motive of chivalry without taking  account for consequences. He continued, whoever wants sedition can fabricate what incites an outpouring of blood, jealousy, youth’s recklessness, and outbursts of revenge, especially since the tribes respect the sheikhs and elders, which is a feature of the region. Therefore, targeting these sheikhs is more emotional, closer to uprising and seeking for revenge.

Mr. Darrar believes that the occurrence of such actions in the regions of north and east Syria “is evidence of  targeting of the region by the opponents because it is the region that promises stability, development and success in building a new Syria, based on the participation of all its components and the fact that no party monopolizes its management alone. It promises a better future that can be launched from it thanks to a common will, societal organization and a clear vision, as the regime failed to manage it and the armed groups failed to protect it, so both of them are trying to avenge their failure in this region. There are other enemies who are thinking about stirring up discord and problems in it as well. We also find the enemies of the project that is taking place in north and east Syria and those who seek sedition, they return to these despicable methods with the aim of sabotaging this project. “

As for those who benefit from stirring up sedition, Mr. Darrar believes that there are threads spinning in more than one site. “The tribal council project, which Turkey has called for, its representatives openly declare and always incite this strife, as well as the fingers of the regime, which we find in many features of the events that take place in more than one region like assassinations and bombings, both of them represent the opposition in Turkey, its objectives in the region and they represent the regime and want the return of tyranny that was as it was to plunder the region’s goods, both of them work and each from his side.

On the impact of the discourse of sedition on the people of the region, Mr. Darrar believes that “the individuals who listen to this or that party are those who are absent from their awareness and do not realize their own interests or the interests of the region and are affected by media propaganda, some of them follow acquaintances and relatives who have depended on this party or that, thinking of an individual and personal interest. Therefore, they insist on directing the accusation against one party, which is the protector, the liberating one, and the party that manages the region and extracts its wealth for the benefit of all and circulates it to be a goal sought by everyone in the interest of an area that was marginalized by the previous regime which played at the expense of the area in the political salons . I think those who benefit from stirring up discord, are cowardly parties because they have no loyalty except for their interests.

 “But today there are persistent attempts to provoke crises, and this requires action to counter their effects. Mr. Darrar says : “what is required today to confront this sedition and cut off the road in front of its operators is the solidarity of the people of the region behind a vision that reads its interests and future through unifying the vision and the rank without disagreements that the previous regime works to consolidate them, by planting racism in the souls of the people of this region against each other.” Mr. Darrar asserts that “the national project requires that everyone think about a common land for all, common wealth and joint construction for all, this project does not only work in the area that is now administered by structures in the name of the Autonomous Administration. But it seeks to lay the real basis for the project of a future Syria, and the righteous people who are interested in a promising future can read this goal and participate in its activities, I believe the region is full of good and conscious people who can stand against the projects of sedition.”

During his speech, Mr. Darrar refers to the experience of the city of Raqqa, stressing that what happened in Raqqa, when the tribesmen gathered to reject all the methods invented by the saboteurs, they responded with solidarity and participation in the civil council of Raqqa to manage construction, development and reconstruction projects, so the people of Deir Ezzor can catch up with this goal because the region was recently liberated from ISIS and the sleeper cells are still destroying it, and they are more mobile, exciting and exploiting in the region of Raqqa, which is almost stabilizing now, its people enjoy safety and stability.  So the region in Deir Ezzor can also reach this stage and that its people participate in its management and reconstruction “.

Regarding the timing of these operations targeting the sheikhs of the region, Mr. Darrar believes that their timing is carefully calculated, and that “there are activities that we know and try to absorb through communication with their contributors because they seek to stir up discord in the name of rights, in the name of participation and in the name of political interference of some of the owners of these projects. These are inciting projects which, through their media outlets, direct discord and its fingers are known and exposed. Therefore, the enlightened and rational people with whom we have communicated, must be cautious because they are the ones who suffer inside and the ones who direct sedition from the outside are wicked fingers that write exciting ideas without having a reality on the ground, but they can invoke emotions and provide impulses that can accidentally strike everyone and make unpredictable confrontations that may affect the course.”

Mr. Darrar stresses the role of regional powers in this matter because they are affected according to his opinion, and refers to the regime’s statement and considers it similar to the Turkish government’s one, which rejects, for example, the Autonomous Administration’s attempt to invest the region’s oil instead of being wasted, and investing it for the benefit of the people of the region through the assistance that comes through oil companies that can provide real aid. At this moment we find that the movements increased at the same time that the features of this project began to appear in surface.

Mr. Darrar adds another reason for the movement of the divisive parties at this time, as he considers that the attempts to unify the Kurdish ranks which is a contribution to ending the division in the interest of building Syria, saying : “We find that parties rushed to rejecting statements that want to shake souls and stir up seditions. Thus the signatures obtained from politicians we thought that one day they carry national concern and can accelerate every kind of rapprochement among Syrians, we find them joining behind the slogans and stirring of these hateful feelings, they sign statements that are filled with absurdity, excitement, and non-patriotic attitudes that charge souls against each other and cannot be subject to reason or wisdom.

With regard to the Syrian Democratic Forces present in the region, which carry out the duty of protection and defense, Mr. Darrar affirms that these forces are working to “secure the areas because there are many enemies and sleeper cells that are constantly present and working on sabotage. Those enemies should be fought harshly by the SDF, this is a right that all good people can do, and it is a legitimate right and a national one because the one who seeks sedition, his hand must be cut off from reaching his goals, especially since ISIS is present, and opponents who are loyal to Syria’s enemies are present and the duty of  the SDF to follow and fight them. Another duty of the SDF is to bring hearts closer and relieve souls, because they are fulfilling the first patriotic duty. They ( SDF ) are the ones who have given blood against extremist enemies, and are the ones who can end bloodshed of peaceful people.”

In conclusion, Mr. Darrar pointed out that there are problems that may occur at work and some people may rely on them, especially some attitudes by some members of Deir Ezzor Civil Council are exploited. These mistakes and cases of corruption can be addressed if they are proven. We should not be lenient in resorting to the courts and trying these people.  Deir Ezzor has to see the real  persons who are jealous of building the area and gathering its sons for the sake of right and good action.

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