The Syrian Democratic Council

The Organization Office of SDC organizes a seminar on electronic harassment and its repercussions

Today, Tuesday, the Organization Office of the Syrian Democratic Council held a dialogue seminar in the city of Raqqa on electronic harassment, introducing everything related to this phenomenon and how to reduce it, through several axes that were discussed.
The symposium was attended by a large number of members of civil society organizations, representatives of bodies and offices of the Autonomous Administration, members of the Syrian Women Council and the Future Syria Party, as well as independent social and political figures, journalists, and a number of intellectuals in the city of Raqqa.
Ahmed Mustafa, a specialist in electronic matters, said that there are many types of electronic harassment, including (blackmail and bullying), and he mentioned some of their methods and ways to prevent them, then some videos were shown to show this phenomenon, which every person has become exposed to in light of technological development. Mustafa noted the danger of carrying electronic devices for young people and creating accounts for them, especially children, as they may encounter those who manipulate their minds through social media, and that staying for long periods on the Internet to play or browse websites may lead to serious problems In the health of the child.
The administrator in the Organization Office “Marwan Yousef” spoke about the reality of electronic harassment and how to use awareness and protection to deal with it in order to avoid falling into the trap of electronic harassment, highlighting the dimensions and consequences of the phenomenon of harassment.
During his speech, Marwan Youssef touched on a number of electronic harassment issues from a social and psychological perspective, the role of institutions and concerned authorities in facing these issues and how to reduce and overcome them.
In turn, the member of the organization office, Media Bozan, presented a paragraph on the electronic blackmail of women and the problems that face some women to threats from society, which marginalizes women as a result of imposing customs and traditions in which they encourage males to exercise power and domination, so that the proportion of women exposed to blackmail is more than men.

At the end of the symposium, discussion was opened for the attendees to give opinions and interventions on the phenomenon of harassment. The attendees proposed laws to punish those who commit electronic crimes related to internal and security forces. In addition the attendees showed the problems that they were subjected to as a result of electronic harassment with solutions and pieces of advice to avoid this dilemma.


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