The Syrian Democratic Council

The Syrian Democratic Council demands to hold account for the killers of the “peacemaker”

Amina Omar, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, stressed the need to hold account the perpetrators of the horrific crime against the Secretary-General of the Future Syria Party, the martyr Hevrin Khalaf, during a speech she gave at the condemnation event organized by the Future Syria Party in the city of Derik, in the far east of Syria.
On Monday, the Syrian Democratic Council participated in the memorial event organized by the Future Syria Party under the slogan: “We defeat the occupation … the struggle for peace”, in the martyrs’ cemetery in Derek region, to commemorate the first anniversary of the martyrdom of the Secretary-General of the Future Syria Party, Hevrin Khalaf and party member Farhad Ramadan.
The activities included several speeches in the name of the families of the martyrs, institutions and councils of the Self- Administration, political parties and women’s and civic organizations in north and east Syria, most of which referred to the pioneering role played by the politician Hevrin in consolidating the principle of peace, and the need to adopt it as a basis for taking out Syria and its people from the crisis they have been living for years.
The speeches also confirmed that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, by targeting the politician Hevrin, wanted to strike the brotherhood of peoples and coexistence project, but they “did not and will not be able to undermine the will of free woman who made glory from death.” Rather, Hevrin is considered, with her peaceful struggle, an icon to be followed by all components of Syrian society, and she is the source of inspiration, strength and will for all Syrian women to fight against injustice and move towards achieving democracy and a free and just life in Syria, as the participants expressed in their speeches.
While the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Amina Omar, called on all Syrian society to join hands in the face of international plans that aim to complicate the Syrian crisis and bring more destruction, devastation and suffering to its people, focusing on the importance of uniting efforts in order to face the challenges and mentality of tyranny, and replacing them with the principle of democracy and equality among the components of society, as Hevrin Khalaf sought to achieve during her career.
Accordingly, “Omar” called on the international community and all parties concerned to hold account those who killed the “peacemaker”, and said: “Although a year has passed since the heinous crime against the politician Hevrin Khalaf, these criminals are still roaming our areas and have not been received their punishment so far. Therefore, human rights organizations are required to hold those responsible for the assassination of Havrin account, otherwise, they will be partners in the crime.
“The head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim al-Qaftan, asked during the party’s speech about the reason for the continuation of parties of the Syrian opposition and the Syrian government to depend on outside to solve the Syrian crisis, and he invited them to Syrian-Syrian dialogue as the only way out of the current crisis, while al-Qaftan praised the positive results of the advanced stage reached by the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue and pointed out the advantages of this agreement on the Syrian issue in general.
At the end of the event, excerpts were presented from the life of the martyr engineer Hevrin and her impact on political and social life during her career. The mother of the martyr Hevrin presented “Havrin Award for Peace” to the Center for Research and Protection of Women’s Rights in North and East Syria and to the correspondent of Al Arabiya Channel, Jumah Akash, for their efforts and endeavors to highlight the case of Havrin to world public opinion to raise the echo of Havrin’s voice for peace, after which candles were lit on the graves of the martyrs in Derek’s cemetery in honour of their memory.