The Syrian Democratic Council

The Women Office in al-Shahba holds a dialogue seminar on women’s role in the course of political solution

The Women’s Office of the Syrian Democratic Council in al-Shahba area in Aleppo countryside organized a dialogue seminar on “the role of women in the political solution to the Syrian crisis,” in the presence of dozens of members of women’s activities and institutions concerned with women’s rights.
The symposium, which was held in Favin sub-district, al-Shahba district, dealt with two main axes, where the first one discussed “the role of Syrian women throughout history,” while the other presented the role of women in north and east Syria and the possibility of playing a pivotal role in reunion of Syrian women.
The symposium began with a welcoming speech delivered by the administrator of the Women’s Office, Zainab Qanbar, greeting the attendees, and talking about women’s struggles and their active role in building societies. She also talked about the importance of promoting and empowering women, in order to involve them actively in finding a solution to complicated Syrian crisis.
The member of the Public Relations Office of SDC, Perivan Ali presented the first axis, touching on the role of Syrian women throughout history, noting that: “Women are one of the main pillars in the development of society. Adding that women were able to overcome the challenges that limit their effective participation and playing a pioneering role in society.
Doa’a Boutan, the member of the Women’s Office of SDC, spoke in the second axis of the symposium, where she highlighted many aspects of women’ forward in north and east Syria, and how they were able to achieve a transformation in the life of women and pave the way for real and effective participation.
Bouttan” pointed out the possibility that women in north and east Syria could be the first block in representation and gathering of women in Syria. Thus allowing them to participate in finding a solution to the crisis in the country.
At the end of the symposium, the participants were allowed to express their opinions and suggestions about the obstacles that were the reasons for not participating in the political movement.