The Syrian Democratic Council

Statement to public opinion

In response to the demands of our people, with whom we met during the seminars we held, or through visiting clans in various regions of north and east Syria.
We believe in the necessity to hear the people’s voice and build bridges of trust in order to develop the self-administration and strengthen the participatory factor in it. In the Syrian Democratic Council, we followed the prisoners’ file with great interest, and we discussed this file with the self- administration, and we see the need of issuing a general amnesty at the level of north and east Syria. This amnesty includes prisoners sentenced for terrorism charges who have been deceived and whose hands are not stained with the blood of Syrians and have not committed any criminal acts.
The General Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria issued Amnesty Decision No. 5 on 10/10/2020.
According to this decision, a batch of prisoners will be released today who were included in a general and comprehensive amnesty for all crimes committed before 10/10/2020.
Where / 631 / prisoners who were sentenced on terrorism charges and whose sentences exceeded half their sentences will be released immediately after this press conference.
/ 253 / prisoner benefits from half the sentence.
As for those who are not sentenced and who are seen before the courts, they will benefit from the amnesty decision after their trial .
We sincerely thank the detainees’ committee for its tireless efforts and great interest in following up the file of detainees and prisoners.
We also thank the Autonomous Administration for its response to the initiative of the Syrian Democratic Council and its issuance of the amnesty decision.
All thanks to those who participated and contributed to the completion of this work

The Syria Democratic Council

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