The Syrian Democratic Council

The Women’s Office in SDC Holds a Seminar Entitled “Women Through The Times”

With the aim of highlighting the role of women more and showing appreciation and respect for their efforts exerted at various levels, the Women’s Office in the Syrian Democratic Council organized today, Wednesday, in the city of Raqqa, and in coordination with the writer Fawzia Al-Marai, a seminar entitled “Women through the times,” included several axes.
Several personalities from women’s councils and offices participated in the symposium, in addition to educated personalities working in the political sector, and personalities from the administrative institutions located in the city of Raqqa (Civil Council – Women Administration in Raqqa – Future Syria Party – Cultural Center – Women Protection Units).
The writer “Fawzia Al-Marai” during the symposium spoke about the active role of women in life affairs and the prominent position that they occupied, whether on social, economic, political or religious levels, whose importance, forms and status varied in different times.
In the first stages of the history, the position of women was in the ranks of deities and the presence of women formed symbols of goodness and production. That is why there was a close relationship between women and creation.
Fawzia Al-Marai continued her speech by saying that women are half of society, is used as a slogan that some carried as an ideology, a weapon and a commodity, and a woman is like a mother and a leader and she is the one who stood in front of all challenges and difficulties of life beside men.
Fawzia Al-Marai affirmed that women in north and east Syria have made great steps in all fields and are equal with men, no less capable and qualified with them in construction, and they are still walking on the path of struggle until reaching full freedom and fully occupying their position in decision-making places.
In their turn, the participants in the symposium made interventions and expressed their views on the role of women, so they emphasized that women greatly affect society, and they are the basic building block for the progress of society, because they are the educator of generations and have excelled in many fields and also competed with men, as they proved that women cannot be described as weak or lacking of intelligence. They reached the presidency and proved their worth.

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