The Syrian Democratic Council

” In response to the initiative of Syrian Democratic Council .. The Autonomous Administration gets out hundreds of Syrian families from Al-Hol camp “

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has begun to get out the Syrian families from Al-Hol camp , east of Al-Hasakah , according to the “new method ” that allows Syrian families to leave the camp voluntarily , after an initiative which is presented by the Syrian Democratic Council for the Autonomous Administration in October of this year .
More than (120) Syrian families , including more than (515) people who were from countrysides of Deir Ezzor left the camp in which the Autonomous Administration ensured that they will be transported to their areas .
The new method includes the voluntary exit of the displaced people , who want to leave the camp , and that will be done after submitting documents and identification papers , in which the previous method of exit was through claims and guarantees by notables and tribal sheikhs .
The manager of executive commission of Syrian Democratic Council ” Elham Ahmad ” during a dialogue seminar in Raqqa on October 3 said that they proposed an initiative to the Autonomous Administration that includes getting out all Syrian women and children from Al-Hol camp who want to leave the camp , and there was a positive response by the Autonomous Administration .
IN this regard , “Shekhmous Ahmad “, the office manager of Refugees and displaced affairs of the Autonomous Administration said according to the new method , that it is the first group 0f displaced and there will be other trips and groups after the displaced people register their names at competent offices of the camp in order to study their conditions and thus their exit from the camp .
Al-Hol camp includes about (64) thousand people , in which (30606) are Iraqi people and (9544) are members of the families of foreign organization (ISIS) , while the number of Syrian displaced is about (24) thousand and more than (28) groups have got out from the camp so far .

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