The Syrian Democratic Council

” The emanating committee of the conference of people of Al-Jazeera and Euphrates begins its work “

On Monday , the first meeting of the follow-up committee that emanated from the ” National Conference of people of Al-Jazeera and Euphrates ” was held yesterday in Al-Hasakah under the supervision of Co-chair of SDC ” Amina Omer “, and the General Commander of Syrian Democratic Forces ” Mazloum Abdi ” , and the Co-chair of the executive body of the Autonomous Administration ” Abd Hamid Al-Mahbash” for setting a program for the work of the committee and defining its tasks .
The committee which consists of (16) members , includes representatives of the autonomous and civil administrations in the regions of northern and eastern Syria , and various components . Its mission is following up the execution of outputs of the “National Conference of people of Al-Jazeera and Euphrates” which was held on November 25 , that happened at the conclusion of thirteen dialogue seminars , in which the Syrian Democratic Council held them in various regions .
The committee divided its work into three committees :
An administrative committee , an economic committee and a security committee . Each of them is entrusted with specific tasks , and it should submit a report about its work every month , in which the follow-up committee evaluate its work and follow up the execution of the items .
The decisions that will be issued by the follow-up committee will be “effective” and obligate the Autonomous Administration to execute them for developing of the administration , supplying it with specialists and technocrats , and expanding community participation within it .
It is announced about the committee at the conclusion of the work of the “National Conference of people of Al-Jazeera and Euphrates” within the final statement that presented a set of recommendations and items , in which this committee should follow up the execution of them .

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