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“Al –Muhaysini emphasizes on the common thought among them and the National Army “

Activists on social media conferred a video clip in which currently, the Saudi person” Abdullah Al-Muhaysini” , who hold the position of forensic Mufti of the front of liberation for Al-Cham (previously , it was Al-Nusra , which is the Al-Qaeda branch in Syria ) in which it is clear through its speech that he travels in a car and returns from the (Euphrates Shield) areas that are occupied by Turkey and its loyal factions and affiliated with so-called the national army , which is the military wing of the Syrian opposing coalition .
Through the speech , Muhaysini criticized negatively Omar Rahmon , who is a member in the reconciliation office of the Syrian regime .
Muhaysini called Rahmon an idiot and described what Rahmon published on his page as gossip , or according to the Syrian description as ” meaningless speech” .
It is reported that Rahmon confirmed at previous time that Muhaysini had been arrested at one of the factions’ checkpoints which are in the occupied Euphrates Shield areas , in which Muhaysini replies him through the recorded video , while he drives around Idlib streets , which are under the control of Ahrar Al-cham ( it was Al-Nusra , previously) .
According to Al-Muhaysini’s speech that he passed the Euphrates Shield areas when he got lost while he was going for consolation to Omar Hudhayfah , who is the general Mufti of the so-called the national front and Cham Legion .
Al-Muhaysini also through his speech confirms that the checkpoint members who belonged to the so-called ( Al-Hamzat Squad) acted with him with respect and appreciation , and did the military salute , and Al-muhaysini hoped that the barriers among Idlib areas where ” Al-Cham Liberation” and the areas of ” Euphrates Shield ” be removed where the National Army .
Although Turkey and its affiliated opposing factions deny an association with the so-called Al-Cham Liberation (Al-Nusra) , which is classified on the international lists of terrorism , Al-Muhaysini’s speech reveals the understandings , the common though and the harmony among the leaders of Al-Nusra and the Euphrates Shield factions which are protected by the so-called National Army .
Both of them , Al-Nusra and its political wing that represented by the rescue government , and the National Army and its political wing that represented by the interim government of the Syrian opposing coalition in which they work in a harmony of thoughts .
It is important to say that Al-Nusra Front , which is classified as a terrorist organization that controls on most areas of Idlib , seeks to remove its name from the terrorist lists that are stipulated in Security Council Resolution (1170), while the National Army factions continue to commit the worst violations without a deterrent from concerned international bodies , and USA administration has removed the Turkestan Islamic Party from the list of terrorist organization recently, justifying that the activity of the party has disappeared completely .

Wasim Al-Youssef ( private for the media of SDC )

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