The Syrian Democratic Council

“ Ilham Ahmad to the belgian delegation : Our path is ahead of “Geneva” in its representing of Syrians’ interests . “

Ilham Ahmed, President of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, said during her meeting with a delegation from the Belgian Parliament in Qamishlo, that the path that is led by the “SDC” is ahead of the one in Geneva in terms of representing the will of the Syrians and the seriousness of solving the country’s crisis.

In the context of talking about the political process and the prospect of a comprehensive settlement in the country , Ahmed told the Belgian parliamentarian, Georges Dalmani, that there are no real settlement opportunities so far , and most international meetings, including Geneva, do not represent the aspirations of the Syrian people as much as they represent the interests of the countries which are involved in the Syrian file, saying : “While we were seeking to build national Syrian consensus, the Geneva path was missed To represent a true Syrian situation , in addition to the difference and contradiction of the interests of the active countries .”
Regarding the negotiation process between the Syrian regime and the opposition, the President of the Executive Committee in SDD said that the current formation of the negotiating body does not meet the conditions for a real breakthrough in this path, and there is a need to restructure the negotiating body to form a real negotiation process in which it takes place leading to the solution of the worsening crisis in the country for ten years ago.

Ahmed continued that the difference in the agendas of both of the negotiating committee and the Syrian regime and the lack of seriousness of the active countries for the Syrian file is the reason for the prolongation of the crisis in the country and thus more suffering and tragedy for the Syrian people, adding that this will require the formation of an integral opposition to confront the regime and meet the aspiration of the Syrian people for real change towards Democracy and freedom.

Speaking about the relationship with Damascus and the dialogue with the regime, Ahmed said that these meetings did not rise to the level of dialogue because the regime deals with the same authoritarian mentality and it is not open-minded for change and acceptance of the other opinion.
The Belgian parliamentarian, George Dalmani, said that his country supports the efforts of a political solution with the participation of all, and one of the aims of his visit is to discuss methods of progressing for the path of settling the Syrian crisis, protecting security and stability and ensuring the final elimination of ISIS and its ideology.

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